At the Peak Fitness Shotokan Karate club we are lucky enough to have a dedicated Sombo Instructor.  In some self defense situations the attacker might grab us and many fights can end up with both people on the floor.  It is then important that we know throws, trips, holds and hold escapes to be able to defend ourselves in these close quarters situations.  By combining the striking techniques we learn in Karate with the throwing and grappling techniques from Sombo we will be better prepared to defend ourselves in a greater variety of situations.

Our Sombo sessions are not currently avalible

Brief Explanation of Sombo

Sombo (A.K.A Sambo) is a Russian martial art and combat sport.  Sombo's development began in the early 1920s by the Soviet Red Army to improve their hand to hand combat abilities.  Sombo was in part born of native
Russian and other regional styles of grappling and combative wrestling, bolstered with the most useful and adaptable concepts and techniques from the rest of the world.  The founders of Sombo deliberately sifted through all of the world's martial arts available to them to augment their military's hand-to-hand combat system.  Each technique was carefully dissected and considered for its merits, and if found acceptable in unarmed combat, refined to reach Sombo's ultimate goal: to stop an armed or unarmed adversary in the least time possible.  Thus, the best techniques of Jujutsu, Judo, and other martial systems joined with the indigenous fighting styles to form Sombo repertoire.  When the techniques were perfected, they were woven into Sombo applications for personal self-defense.

There are two main types of Sombo;

  • Sport Sombo; is stylistically similar to Olympic Freestyle Wrestling or Judo, but with some differences in rules, protocol, and uniform.  For example, in contrast with Judo, Sombo allows some types of leg locks, while not allowing choke holds.  It focuses on throwing, ground work and submissions, with (compared to Judo) very little restrictions on gripping and holds.
  • Combat Sombo: Utilized and developed for the military, Combat Sombo resembles modern mixed martial arts, including extensive forms of striking and grappling where (unlike sport Sombo) choking and bent joint locks are legal.  Competitors wear jackets as in sport Sombo, but also hand protection and sometimes shin and head protection.