NAKMAS 'Safe Kids' Campaign

We at PFSK are apart of the N.A.K.M.A.S 'safe kids' campaign.  The campaign was created to boost awareness of child safety and to teach children licensed by N.A.K.M.A.S how to cope and deal with bullying and to a lesser extent abuse.  Our Dojo leader / Chief Instructor Brett Lavin is accredited by N.A.K.M.A.S to run the campaign in the club.

"N.A.K.M.A.S believes that children will find martial arts highly beneficial within their normal daily life.  They are already proven to have a huge health benefit, both physically and mentally and in most cases improve their school or academic work.  A martial arts instructor should be a trusted member of the community.  He/she can be considered more than a coach and often has to take the role of mentor, substitute parent while the child is in his/her care, and most importantly a friend."
- Taken from the N.A.K.M.A.S 'safe kids' campaign.